'Pupils make good and sometimes outstanding progress because they are taught well.' Read how good Doddi School is in our latest Ofsted report

Our recent Ofsted inspection was on the 24th and 25th September 2013. We were
visited by one inspector for the two days, who watched lessons, looked at our attainment
data and spoke with staff, pupils and parents. He judged the school to be good with the
behaviour and safety of pupils being outstanding. We feel his report is very positive and
acknowledges many of the good things we do as a school. Some of his comments were;
· Pupils make good and sometimes outstanding progress because they are taught
· Teaching is consistently good with some that is outstanding.
· Teachers have high expectations and pupils respond to these by working hard.

Fred the frog frolicking in his fabulous new habitat

On Thursday Amos and Inigo arrived at school with a frog that their cat had brought in!  They decided to bring the frog to school so that he could find a new home in the school pond.  After all the children had carefully observed the frog in its container Class One set it free in the school pond.  The children decided to name it Fred the Frog.  Class One are hoping that we will see some of its tadpoles in the Spring.

1oophersc 013 (Small)
1oophersc 014 (Small)
1oophersc 016 (Small)
Sat, 28/02/2015 (All day)

Exciting new addition

Class One has had an exciting new addition over half term!  The covered area has been transformed to give a new learning space that is accessible from Class One due to the addition of doors.  This will enable the children to flow between the indoor and outdoor environment providing a rich opportunity for play and learning on a grander scale and provide space for a growing class.

27.2.15 018 (Small)
27.2.15 016 (Small)
27.2.15 011 (Small)
Mon, 23/02/2015 (All day)

KS2 Trip to Dawlish Warren, February 2015

The KS2 children chose a lovely, sunny day for their fieldtrip to Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve.  This trip was part of their geography topic about Climate Change and the Exe Estuary where they were able to see, at first hand, the various features they have been learning about.  They spent time on the beach moving like sand-grains along the coast by longshore drift, they experimented with different types of sea defences in front of of their sand castles and they went foraging for sea shells.  Back at the Visitors' Centre, they looked at the rare plants and animals that li

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IMG 0280 (Custom)
IMG 0268 (Custom)
Sat, 28/02/2015 (All day)

This weeks newsletter

Big Write Homework for 6th March 2015

This Big Write task will be based on our trip to Dawlish Warren on Friday 27th February (Year 2 pupils will have a different task).  Click on the link below to read all about it!

Sun, 22/02/2015 (All day)

Up Up and Away!

This half term the children have been learning about the history of flight beginning with the myth Daedalus and Icarus and other early ‘birdmen’; they learnt about the Montgolfier brothers, that hot air rises and that humans were not the first things to fly in a hot air balloon but a duck, a sheep and a hen!; the zeppelin; they learnt how important the work of the Wright Brothers was; how planes affected the course of the World Wars; other flying machines such as helicopters; supersonic jets, jet airliners and mass passenger air  transport; light aircraft; space craft and f

hot air balloons (Small)
Paper aeroplanes (Small)
paper aeroplanes 2 (Small)
Mon, 16/02/2015 (All day)

This week's newsletter

Goodbye Assembly, February 2015

At the end of each half-term, we hold an attendance assembly to award certificates to those pupils who have been in school every day of the half-term.  During this attendance assembly, we also said a fond farewell to Josh and Keira who are going all the way to a new home in Australia.  We will the whole family the very best of luck.  We will miss you. 

IMG 0565 (Custom)
Fri, 13/02/2015 (All day)

World Book Day Preparations, February 2015

World Book Day will soon be upon us (March 5th) and the children need to start thinking about their costumes and other preparations for the day.  Click on the link below to discover what has been planned to celebrate this special day.

Wed, 11/02/2015 (All day)
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