The chicks return

Today Mr Fearon kindly brought the once little chicks that Class One hatched back to school so that we could see how they had grown.  The children were amazed at the difference!  All the children impressed us with how much they had remembered about the chicks and their lifecyle.

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Tue, 28/06/2016 (All day)

Sports' Day, June 2016

We know that we have the right to be healthy and one of the most enjoyable ways of keeping fit and healthy is taking part in the Doddi annual Sports' Day!  The morning activities took place at school.  These comprised of skills challenges, with cup stacking and ball throwing on the playground for Class 1 pupils and javelin throwing and catching activities on the field for the Key Stage 2 children. We then moved down to the Teign House Inn field for the racing element of the day and what fun we had, competing in a variety of different races from sprinting and hurdling to b

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Mon, 27/06/2016 (All day)

Space and SkiesArt Competition, June 2016

As part of the summer fete, an art competition was run for all children to enter on the theme of space and skies.  We had many fabulous entries of space models, picture and photographs, which were all very original and artistic.  Our winners are pictured below, along with all the entries.

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Mon, 27/06/2016 (All day)

Summer Fete, June 2016

This year's summer fete was a great success with a large turnout of friends and family coming to support the school at this enjoyable event.  There were, of course, all the traditional attractions including the coconut shy, bouncy castle and hoopla, and also many stalls selling a variety of items such as bric-a-brac, plants and cakes.  There were refreshments to satisfy all our visitors with the barbeque, cream teas and bar.  The Dance Club children performed their space dance and our new head teacher, Jon Arnold, judged the Space and Skies Art Competition

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Sat, 25/06/2016 (All day)

Here is the kit list for residential.

Parliament Workshop for KS2, June 2016

Ros, from the Parliament Education Service, came into school to talk to the Key Stage 2 children all about our government.  She firstly told the children about the structure of parliament and then used three volunteers to demonstrate how bills are made.  This is a process called 'parliamentary ping-pong' where the bill starts in the Commons, goes to the Lords where it has to receive at least 50% of the votes to then move onto the Queen to be signed.  A debate was then held about whether homework should be banned until Year 7, with a 'Madame Speaker' asking con

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Tue, 21/06/2016 (All day)

Father's Day Make

The annual Father's Day make was organised by Friends, so that the pupils could make their dads lovely cards to give to them on Sunday.  The classroom was awash with sequins, ribbons and tiny bits of paper, and the resulting cards were absolutely beautiful and will, no doubt, be very gladly received by all the appreciative dads of Doddi!

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Sun, 19/06/2016 (All day)

This week's newsletter

Class One go back in time!

Class One visited Morwellham Quay as an introduction to a new topic on the Victorians, focussing on life as a child.

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Thu, 16/06/2016 (All day)
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