Mrs Evans (Headteacher)
Mrs Evans joined the school in January 2006. She teaches Class 2 in the morning on Thursdays and Fridays.
We are a small class and I teach them English, Maths and Science. I also teach all the older children every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and Class One on a Wednesday afternoon. That means she gets to teach all the children in the school which is lovely. The rest of Mrs Evans time is taken up with her role as headteacher. She says of her role "I love my job as no two days are ever the same and I work with some great people. It is a very happy school with a friendly family atmosphere".

Mrs Lancaster (School Administrator)
Marian joined Doddi as school Administrator in Jan 2005.  She has over 20 years Personnel/HR and business experience at senior management level gained in large finance organisations.  In addition to this Marian has had classroom experience having worked as a TA for two and a half years in a village school when she first moved to Devon five years ago.  Marian has post graduate qualifications in Personnel Management and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Mrs Peters (Teacher, Class 1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mrs Peters joined the school in 2008 as a Newly Qualified Teacher. She teaches Class One which comprises of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. She endeavors to make the children's learning playful, practical and purposeful in order to help them achieve. Mrs Peters is also a member of the Governing Body and a member of the Pre-School committee.

Mrs. McManus (Teacher, Class 3)
Mrs. McManus joined Doddi School in 1995 and enjoys teaching at the school so much that she has been there ever since! Currently, she teaches Class 3 five mornings a week. Class 3 is a small class made up of the Year 5 and 6 pupils at the school and during these morning sessions she teaches English, maths and science to the group, with French and PE on Fridays. She also teaches the whole of Key Stage 2 on three afternoons a week. During these sessions, she covers art, D and T, history, geography and PHSE.

Mrs. McManus is a lively person and takes the ‘Awake and Shake’ sessions for Key Stage 2 on two mornings a week. She also enjoys making lessons fun and interesting by using lots of different resources and organising trips out of school to bring lessons to life. Mrs. McManus also enjoys teaching the creative subjects and her pupils have had their artwork displayed in Exeter Cathedral and at the Phoenix Centre and have shown their dances on stage at the Bushell Theatre for 'Let's Dance' events.

Mrs Elworthy (Learning Assistant)
Helen had two sons at Doddi and is an ex pupil herself! Prior to joining the staff team as a Learning Assistant and Meal Time Assistant, Helen served on the Pre School Committee and she has been Friends Treasurer since 2006. Helen also assists with the teaching of French in school. Her previous work experience in customer services roles required her to use her language skills and we are fortunate to be able to make use of these in school.

Sarah Wylie (Learning Assistant)    

Sarah joined the team as a Learning Support Assistant and Meal Time Assistant in September 2013. She initially worked with Key Stage 1 but now spends two afternoons each week and most Fridays with Key Stage 2.

Prior to becoming a mum of a toddler who attends Doddi Preschool, Sarah worked in PR and Marketing.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Jim (Caretaker)

Jim is our caretaker, he comes in every day at 4.00pm to clean our school and help with any repairs.