Link Schools

Naming’azi Primary School

We are unfortunately no longer able to link with Chifide School as our partnership teacher, Ronald Maliro, has been moved to a new school.  We are now linking with this school - Naming'azi Primary School - also in Malawi.  Here is information about the school sent by Ronald.

Naming’azi CCAP Primary School, Malawi

Naming'azi 2
Part of morning assembly at Naming'azi
Mon, 09/12/2013 (All day)

Chifide School, Malawi


Chifide School is our link school in Malawi, Africa.  It is a rural school and most pupils are from farming families who grow crops of corn, cassava, tomatoes and pigeon peas.  The school has four permanent classrooms for its 430 pupils, and has ten teachers.

Tue, 26/03/2013 (All day)

Chifide School

Thu, 21/06/2012 (All day)

Balobia School


Unfortunately, due to extreme difficulties in communicating with Balobia School (we cannot even be sure that what we send is getting through) we have made the difficult decision to locate an alternate school to support and communicate with.

Each year we rasie funds to support Balobia School
in Ghana.  Its very different to Doddi ! If you
would like to make a donation to help us support
Balobia please contact the school office.