Class 3

Key Stage 2 Tennis Lessons, January 2018

The Key Stage 2 pupils have begun a series of tennis lessons given by tennis coach, Tim Brearly, this half-term.  He will be working with the children to develop their tennis skills, on the refurbished courts at Christow.  Despite the rather chilly weather, the children thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson.

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Tue, 09/01/2018 (All day)

KS2 Orienteering Day, November 2017

The KS2 children had a very active day learning lots of orienteering skills at school with Mr Flint, and then trying them out at Haldon Forest.  They worked in small teams racing against against one another other and used maps to find the twelve markers hanging from branches, fences and seats.  The winning team consisted of three Year 3 boys - well done to them.  It was a fantastic day full of activity and fun.

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Sat, 25/11/2017 (All day)

Class 3 design Battery-powered Games! November 2017

The Class 3 children have been looking at electricity in their science lessons and took on the challenge of designing their own games powered by batteries.  The resulting games were original, interesting and great fun to play as you can see from these photographs of Mr Arnold playing two of them. 

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Thu, 02/11/2017 (All day)

Class 3 Parents' Autumn Topic Letter, September 2017

Please click on the link to discover what your Class 3 child will be learning about this term!

Mon, 11/09/2017 (All day)

Year 6 Sport and Swim Afternoon, June 2017

Our Y6 children had a fabulous afternoon at Dunsford School.  They were there for a swim and free play with pupils from Hennock and Chudleigh Knighton schools as part of their transition to secondary school.  They had a great time splashing in the pool using the floats and inflatables, and also enjoyed using the equipment on the field and playing in the woods.


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Thu, 29/06/2017 (All day)

Year 5 Maths Challenge Triumph, June 2017

Our fantastic Year 5 maths team, consisting of Louann, Alice, Samuel and Rosie, took part in the annual Primary Maths Challenge at Maynard School.  They pitted their mathematical wits against eleven other teams, solving difficult maths problems including a number relay and number crossword!  They had a great time working as a team to solve each problem and came third overall.  Well done Doddi mathematicians!

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Thu, 15/06/2017 (All day)

Machine-Building by Class 3, May 2017

The Class 3 children learnt about different types of force such as gravity, air resistance, friction and upthrust during their science week.  They also looked at the workings of simple machines which use levers, springs, gears and pulleys.  They then made their own simple machines using a variety of different mechanisms and demonstrated them to the rest of the pupils.  Some, such as Sophie's rubber-band-powered car transporting a Sylvanian family, worked really well!

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Wed, 24/05/2017 (All day)

Bikeability Awards, May 2017

Our Year 5s have now completed their Bikeability training and all six pupils received their Level 1 and Level 2 awards. Well done to all of you!

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Sat, 20/05/2017 (All day)

May the Force be with You! Science Week in Class 3, May 2017

The Class 3 children have been learning all about forces during their science week.  They learnt about the force of gravity and discovered that they would only weigh one sixth of their Earthly weight if they were on the moon!  They also carried out a number of investigations into different forces such as friction, the upthrust of water and air resistance.  The photographs show the children investigating the factors that result in the most efficient spinners.

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Tue, 16/05/2017 (All day)

Bikeability for Year 5 pupils, May 2017

The Year 5 pupils are completing a Bikeability training week to enable them to ride their bikes safely and confidently on the roads.  Craig Flynn, their trainer, started them off on the playground, teaching the basic cycling and manoeuvring skills, before taking them out onto the lanes around Doddi. 

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Mon, 15/05/2017 (All day)