Class 1

Our egg-citing diary - part one


Monday 14th March 2016

Today some chick eggs were delivered to Class One.  The eggs were put in an incubator to keep them warm, it does the job of the mother Hen.  A few of us have heard some cheeping!  We expect the eggs to hatch on the 16th March.


Wednesday 16th March 2016

chicks 2016 022 (Small)
chicks 2016 016 (Small)
chicks 2016 013 (Small)
Fri, 18/03/2016 (All day)

Mini Crickets

Over the next couple of weeks Class One will be honing their cricket skills with Mr Chappell, from the Devon Cricket Association.  Today the children practised their team working, fielding and batting skills.  A great time was had a by all.

5.2.16 015 (Small)
5.2.16 016 (Small)
5.2.16 018
Sat, 06/02/2016 (All day)

Class One Topic Letter - January 2016

Wed, 06/01/2016 (All day)

Class One celebrate Diwali, November 2015

As part of their topic on Celebrations Class One learnt about the festival of Diwali.  They made clay hands which they decorated with mehndi patterns.

WIN 20151104 134855 (Small)
WIN 20151104 140910 (Small)
WIN 20151104 134909 (Small)
Wed, 02/12/2015 (All day)

Class One attend a Multi Skills Festival, December 2015

Class One attended a Multi Skills Festival at Teign School.  The children were split into teams and had to complete 10 different activities using a range of skills.  The children had a fantastic time and are already looking forward to attending the next event in the Spring!



multiskills 087 (Small)
multiskills 096 (Small)
multiskills 168 (Small)
Wed, 02/12/2015 (All day)

Class One get creative with fruit

Class One received a visit from Jo a Tesco Community worker who brought with her a variety of fruit and vegetables for the children to try.  She then showed the children how to make a caterpillar, dolphin and finally a spooky ghost before they were able to eat their creations.  Great fun was had by all.

class 1 579 (Small)
class 1 588 (Small)
class 1 610 (Small)
Sat, 24/10/2015 (All day)

KS1 Multi Skills Festival

Wednesday, 2 December 2015 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

All of Class 1 will attend this event at Teign School.

Homeless Hedgehog

Today Jack arrived at school with a hedgehog that he found in his garage!  It needed re-homing and Jack thought that the school garden would be the perfect habitat for a homeless hedgehog.  Jack explained that we don’t know yet if it is a male or female hedgehog so we are a bit stuck with the name, it is either Bill or Laura.  Mrs Peters was very impressed with all the facts that the Y1 and 2 children remembered from their visit to Prickly Ball Farm last term.  We then made the hedgehog a snug new home and we home that he/she will be very happy there.  Wh

IMG 0579 (Small)
IMG 0572 (Small)
IMG 0573 (Small)
Fri, 11/09/2015 (All day)

Science Week - Healthy Me - Class One

This week Class One have learnt that keeping healthy is not just about keeping fit, eating a balanced diet and keeping ourselves clean, (personal hygiene), but that it is also about having good relationships with others and being happy – free from worry and stress.  The children carried out investigation into bike helmets and made their own helmet for an egg; made a play time box to keep all the children in school fit and healthy at playtimes; carried out a snack tasting session and finally an experiment into how far our sneeze travels – it’s a really long way! 

IMG 0581 (Small)
IMG 0588 (Small)
IMG 0614 (Small)
Fri, 11/09/2015 (All day)

Class 1 New Parents Booklet

Please find below our Class 1 New Parents Booklet for 2015 / 2016. This will give you all the information you need for both you and child before starting with us at Doddi School.

Thu, 10/09/2015 (All day)