Admissions to Doddiscombsleigh Primary School 

We are a small friendly school and we welcome children to our school from Doddiscombsleigh and its surrounding farms, hamlets and  villages. We currently have children from Ashton, Christow, Bridford, Kennford, Dunchideock and also from further afield in Exeter and Chudleigh. We aim to ensure we meet the needs of all our children, with a personalised approach and get to know all our children well. We currently have spaces in most year groups. 


We work hard to ensure all our pupils enjoy school and make extra efforts to ensure new pupils settle well. For children coming into school as reception pupils this means visits to school and a home visit by us to your home. This way we can get to know your child and his/her family and support them in their early days at school.  

For those children who transfer to school ‘in year’ (usually from another school), we recommend a taster day and invite all interested parties to visit our school. 

As a Local Authority School all admissions are handled by Devon County Council and we follow their admissions policy. Full details of all admissions can be found at: 

Reception Entry 

Your child should start school in the term following his or her 5th birthday. However there is now only one admission point for Devon Schools in September 

Therefore it is now possible to delay admission to reception for summer-born children. 

Children born between 1 September and 31 March, have a legal right to defer admission to reception to the start of the term after the 5th birthday (that’s January or Easter). 

Summer-born children (born from 1 April to 31 August) can also defer until January or Easter or to the next September with a fresh application for year 1 or for delayed admission to reception. 

Devon County have issued guidance that can be found on the link below: 


The deadline for applications was Friday 15th January. If you would still like to apply for Doddiscombsleigh School please do this by phoning 0345 1551019, you cannot apply online after the closing date, however It is likely we will have spaces. 

In Year admissions 

For various reasons parents need their child to change schools in the middle of a school year (in year admissions). You can apply for a place at Doddiscombsleigh School at any time in the academic year if your child wants to move from another school. You read how to apply for in line admissions in the ‘in line admissions guide. 

Full details can be found at the following link 


If you have any questions about your child starting at Doddiscombsleigh School please call us. We are always happy to show you around our school or talk to you about starting at Doddiscombsleigh School.