The Celts and Romans come to Doddi! November 2012

During the Celts and Romans day at Doddi School, each of the Key Stage 2 children took on the role of one member of the Ancient British tribe of the Dunmonii, with Mrs McManus as their cheiftain.  Their classroom became the tribal hut with a roaring fire in the middle, around which they debated what they should do about the impending Roman invasion. This invasion was led by a real Roman soldier in full armour who made no bones about what would happen to the tribe if they didn't accept Roman rule!  The children were not sure whether they could really trust the Roman soldier, however they decided that they would go along with Roman rule but rise up against it if the Romans were not fair to them.  During the afternoon, the children were given the opportunity to try out the 'other side' and train up as Roman soldiers.  They discovered that this was not an easy option as the commander was very, very strict and expected the soldiers to instantly follow his every order.  The day ended with a mock battle between the disorganised Celts (made up from Class 1 and a number of brave parents!) and the well-drilled Roman legion of Class 2 and 3 children.  The well trained Romans won - of course!!

It was a fabulous day with all the children really getting into role and enjoying the whole experience including looking at the Celtic and Roman artefacts, some of which were 2,000 years old, brought along by the Roman soldier (Oly Martin from Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum).

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