Class One's fabulous stories based on 'The Magic Porridge Pot'

Over the last few weeks the children in Class One have been learning how to write their own version of 'The Magic Porridge Pot'.  We began by learning the story off by heart, then we worked as a group to create our own version which we turned into an e-book in our computing lessons.  Finally the children worked independently to create their very own versions.  Enjoy!

Alfie the Arkyoptrix by George.pdf360.82 KB
Leny the Dog by Jacob.pdf183.2 KB
Leo the Leopard by Leo.pdf80.56 KB
Polly the Cat by Katie.pdf74.53 KB
Sam the Sabre Tooth Tiger by Sam.pdf134.92 KB
The Magic Ant by Evie.pdf127.23 KB
The Magic Apple by Olivia.pdf140.02 KB
The Magic Carrot by William.pdf79.49 KB
The Magic Fish by Ruby.pdf102.32 KB
The Magic Meat by Freddie.pdf82.88 KB
The Magic Squid Pot by Charley.pdf79.57 KB
The Magic Turkey by Inigo.pdf84.01 KB