Funny Run, March 2013

The last day of the Spring Term always involves Doddi School's annual Funny Run which, this year, was held to raise money to send to unicef to help prevent malnutrition in children around the world.  The children dressed up as their favourite book characters: there were a number of Harry Potters, an evil Morgana, a Queen of Hearts and a Mr Grumpty to name but a few.  There were also a number of Wallys from 'Where's Wally' who looked suspiciously like members of staff!  Mrs Cupper's father came in to judge the fancy dress costumes - the winners being; from Class 1, Alice (the 'Room on a Broom' witch) and Josh (Mr. Bump), Class 2, Tigerlily (Mr. Grumpy) and Anna (Hiccup), and Class 3, Aine (the turtle from 'Finding Nemo') and Millie (Morgana from 'Merlin').  He also judged the children's handwriting from the special jokes book made for Red Nose Day.  The winners were Amos, Oliver and Kita from Class 1, Dom and Jonny from Class 2 and Evita and Sam C from Class 3.  Then the run began!  As you can see from the photographs, both Key Stages took the race very seriously.  The winners per year group were:
R: Joshua and Isabel
1: Oliver and Alice
2: Kita and Ashley
3: Fleur and Josh
4: Aaron and Matty
5: Aine
6: Toby and Ieva

Toby was this year's overall fastest runner with a magnificent time of 9 minutes and 32 seconds.  He now is the proud holder of the Doddi Funny Run Cup for this year.   Please click on the link below for each child's final time.  

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