Head Lice

Head lice, whilst not causing serious illness are a nuisance. They seem to be more active in the warmer months. As a school we ask all parents to check their children's hair on a Friday night. We recomend wet combing method as a way of treating head lice. This requires a systematic and determined approach to removal of nits over a pereiod of two weeks.

Wet combing, or 'bug-busting' is used to remove lice without using chemical treatments. This method can be helpful because head lice are growing increasingly resistant to the insecticides used to remove them. The best procedure is as follows:

  • wash the hair as normal using an ordinary shampoo,
  • apply conditioner liberally to wet hair (this causes the lice to lose their grip on the hair),
  • comb the hair through with a normal comb first,
  • with a fine tooth nit comb, comb from the roots along the complete length of the hair and after each stroke check the comb for lice and wipe it clean. Work methodically over the whole head for at least 30 minutes,
  • rinse the hair as normal,
  • repeat every three days for at least two weeks.

The attached leaflet may help with identification and removal of head lice. More information can be foiund at www.chc.org/bugbusting.

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