Naming’azi Primary School

We are unfortunately no longer able to link with Chifide School as our partnership teacher, Ronald Maliro, has been moved to a new school.  We are now linking with this school - Naming'azi Primary School - also in Malawi.  Here is information about the school sent by Ronald.

Naming’azi CCAP Primary School, Malawi

We have a link school in Malawi called Naming’azi Primary School.   Here is information about the school sent by our link teacher there – Ronald Maliro.

The school has 923 children: 469 boys and 454 girls in 8 grades.  There are 10 male teachers and 4 female teachers.  The head teacher is Mr Enoxious Lemani.

The school is located in Mulanje district about 40 km from Blantyre the commercial city and 25km from the Mozambique border.

Each morning the children are served a plate of nutritious porridge sponsored by WFP.  However the school has high
repetition rates due to teen pregnancies and child-headed

responsibilities.  There are some physically challenged children in the school.  The school uniform is blue spiced with a pink
collar.  There is only one teacher house which houses the
head teacher.  Myself and the other 13 teachers reside 6km away from school and cycle to work.

Naming'azi 2
Part of morning assembly at Naming'azi
Part of standard 1 class