Our egg-citing diary - part one


Monday 14th March 2016

Today some chick eggs were delivered to Class One.  The eggs were put in an incubator to keep them warm, it does the job of the mother Hen.  A few of us have heard some cheeping!  We expect the eggs to hatch on the 16th March.


Wednesday 16th March 2016

When we arrived at school we were amazed to see that some chicks had hatched!  There were 3 chicks waiting to meet us.  We kept them in the incubator for a while so their feathers could dry properly.  After lunch we took the chicks out of the incubator and into the pen.  We wanted to make sure that our chicks had their rights met just like us.  We made them a tunnel to play and exercrise in; a 3D chick as a friend to play with, (and entice them out from under the heat pad), had fresh water and food to eat so they were healthy, made them a bed to sleep on so that they could rest if they needed to, and even wrote them a welcome card so that they could learn to read. We also noticed that another chick had started to hatch in the incubator.


Thursday 17th March 2016

Our chicks are getting more adventurous.  Today we were able to hold them for the first time.  At the end of the day chick number 4 hatched.