Our version of 'The Dragon Machine'

Over the last 3 weeks the children have written their own stories based on 'The Dragon Machine' by Helen Ward.  The children have worked hard to include powerful verbs, adverbial phrases and complex sentences.  Once the stories were complete the children then edited their finished work and included an image.  We hope you enjoy reading them.

The cheetah train28.71 KB
Evie and the hamsters22.39 KB
Freddie and the otters33.7 KB
George and the chameleon42.4 KB
Inigo and the peregrine falcon machine63.91 KB
Leo and the cat machine32.4 KB
Ruby and the cat machine19.32 KB
Sam and the jaguar44.93 KB
William and the alligators37.4 KB
Jacob - Dragon Machine -.pdf35.7 KB
Katie - dragon machine - NOT FINISHED.pdf18.91 KB