Residential is Fabulous Fun, July 2012

We all had the most amazing fun on our Key Stage 2 residential to ‘Rock and Rapids’ at South Molton.  We spent three days and two nights at the centre and did a huge array of different adventurous activities. 

During our first day, we tested our climbing skills on a range of different climbing walls and also in the boulder room where some climbs were horizontal with the floor!  In the evening we got into four groups and competed with each other to design the best catapult for propelling eggs for the furthest distance. 

One our second day, we visited Wimbleball Lake to do some water activities including canoeing, raft building (one group was very successful, the other very unsuccessful!) and paddle boarding (a good excuse for getting very wet in the lake!)  In the evening we cooked marshmallows on a campfire in the centre’s grounds. 

On our last day, most of us braved the balcony jump (literally, jumping off a balcony on the end of a piece of rope!) and we all tried our hand at archery.  We then tackled the low ropes course, part of which went out over the river.  Then it was time to pack all our belongings away and bid a fond farewell to Dave, Steve and Sam who made our stay at the centre so memorable.

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