Rights Respecting Schools Work, January 2013

The Key Stage 2 children have been thinking about what 'education' means to them.  They worked in small groups to gather together ideas and then fed these back to the whole class.  Mrs. McManus wrote all the ideas down and the older children used these notes to write a report.  The younger children wrote acrostic poems about what education means to them.  This work has since been sent to our two partner schools, Whitehall School in Bristol and Chifide School in Malawi.  We hope that the children in these schools will send us their ideas about education so that we can compare them.  Click on the links below to see some of our pupils' work. 

Acrostic Poem by Aine.pdf589.9 KB
Acrostic poem by Anna.pdf371.9 KB
Acrostic poem by Brooke.pdf448.59 KB
Acrostic poem by Isaac.pdf594.01 KB
Acrostic poem by Matty.pdf519.02 KB
Report by Ieva and Millie.pdf1009.82 KB