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Athletics with Exeter College, April 2013

A group of students from Exeter College came into school to work with the Key Stage 2 pupils.  They set up three sets of athletics activities on the field: running, throwing and jumping and the children rotated round the different activities.  They had a thoroughly good time learning new physical skills with this group of enthusiastic students.  Thank you Exeter College!

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Mon, 22/04/2013 (All day)

Forces in Action in Class 3, April 2013

Following our fabulous trip to @Bristol, the children in Class 3 learnt all about the different forces around us.  They carried out a number of investigations into the effects of some of these forces including one to find out whether objects weigh more when weighed in the air or when weighed in water.  What do you think they found out?  They also investigated which type of elastic would be better for bungee jumping!

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Sat, 20/04/2013 (All day)

The Big Write for this week! April 2013

The Big Write for this week is all about a special day from your recent Easter holidays.  Click on the link below to see what your task is!

Sat, 20/04/2013 (All day)

School Council Meeting

The School Council have held their first meeting of the summer term.  Please click on the link below to read the minutes of this meeting.

Fri, 19/04/2013 (All day)

Doddi @Bristol! April 2013

The whole school went on a special trip to Bristol to visit the science activity centre, @Bristol.  We had the most fabulous day!  We started off in our classes at different workshops.  Class 3 looked at 'Fabulous Forces, Class 2 went to the 'Earth, Sun and Moon' workshop and Class 1 visited the Planetarium.  After the workshops, we had our lunch and then we were free to look around the interactive exhibits, all of which were very exciting and interesting.  We also got to visit the shop at the very end of our trip before our journey home!

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Tue, 16/04/2013 (All day)

Funny Run, March 2013

The last day of the Spring Term always involves Doddi School's annual Funny Run which, this year, was held to raise money to send to unicef to help prevent malnutrition in children around the world.  The children dressed up as their favourite book characters: there were a number of Harry Potters, an evil Morgana, a Queen of Hearts and a Mr Grumpty to name but a few.  There were also a number of Wallys from 'Where's Wally' who looked suspiciously like members of staff!

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Fri, 29/03/2013 (All day)

Author Visit, March 2013


David Laurence Jones came to visit our school. He told us about what inspired him to be a writer and where his ideas came from. Then some of us acted out his first Bradley Baker story.  We really enjoyed this visit because he was very happy and funny, so he made the visit exciting.

By Millie and Isaac 

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Wed, 27/03/2013 (All day)

Easter Assembly, March 2013

The Rev Mayer came into school to lead our Easter Assembly. He told us the Easter story and then explained why hot-cross buns are like they are with their crosses, spices and dried fruit. We all got to taste a little bit! He then gave each child a palm cross to take home with them.

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Mon, 25/03/2013 (All day)

Rights Respecting Schools Assembly, March 2013

The Key Stage 2 children have been working hard thinking about their rights and responsibilities, and how they could help inform the younger pupils in the school, and the parents, all about them. They put on a fabulous assembly to show the results of their endeavours to an enthusiastic audience. Firstly, each child showed their special painting of either a right or a responsibility and explained what it showed. Then, small groups of children acted out a series of rights and the audience had to guess which right they thought it showed. This was great fun! The assembly ended with the KS1 children being asked about whether they knew more about their rights and responsibilities (a resounding 'yes'!) and a questionnaire being given to the parents (which also came back with a totally positive set of answers). Many thanks to the parents who were able to come and be a part of this event today and for their very positive and enthusiastic feedback. If you click on the link below, you will see the powerpoint put together for the assembly, containing all the children's amazing artwork. It is also a good reminder of all their rights and responsibilities!

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Sat, 23/03/2013 (All day)
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