Easter Assembly, March 2013

The Rev Mayer came into school to lead our Easter Assembly. He told us the Easter story and then explained why hot-cross buns are like they are with their crosses, spices and dried fruit. We all got to taste a little bit! He then gave each child a palm cross to take home with them.

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Mon, 25/03/2013 (All day)

Rights Respecting Schools Assembly, March 2013

The Key Stage 2 children have been working hard thinking about their rights and responsibilities, and how they could help inform the younger pupils in the school, and the parents, all about them. They put on a fabulous assembly to show the results of their endeavours to an enthusiastic audience. Firstly, each child showed their special painting of either a right or a responsibility and explained what it showed. Then, small groups of children acted out a series of rights and the audience had to guess which right they thought it showed. This was great fun! The assembly ended with the KS1 children being asked about whether they knew more about their rights and responsibilities (a resounding 'yes'!) and a questionnaire being given to the parents (which also came back with a totally positive set of answers). Many thanks to the parents who were able to come and be a part of this event today and for their very positive and enthusiastic feedback. If you click on the link below, you will see the powerpoint put together for the assembly, containing all the children's amazing artwork. It is also a good reminder of all their rights and responsibilities!

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Sat, 23/03/2013 (All day)

Big Write Homework, 22nd March 2013

For this week's Big Write homework for KS2 children, please click on the link below.

Sat, 16/03/2013 (All day)

Joke Assembly, March 2013

The children have been busy over the last few weeks writing out their favourite jokes to put in a special Doddi Joke Book.  The fantastic results were unveiled this week, to be sold in aird of Comic Relief and put a smile on everyone's faces.  The children hosted a special Joke Assembly on Red Nose Day so that they could share some of their jokes with their parents.

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Sat, 16/03/2013 (All day)

Rights Group Meeting, March 2013

To read the minutes of the latest Rights Group Meeting, please click on the link below.

Fri, 15/03/2013 (All day)

Cup Stacking Results, Spring Term 2013

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Wed, 13/03/2013 (All day)

Potato Planting, March 2013

As part of the 'Grow Your own Potatoes' scheme, each of the KS2 classes planted out six sprouting potatoes of two different varieties.  They filled strong black polythene bags with compost, planted the potatoes and covered them with a little more compost.  They will hopefully grow lots of baby potatoes to be harvested in June.

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Tue, 12/03/2013 (All day)

Mothers' Day Make, 2013

The Friends of Doddi organised a Mothers' Day Make so that the pupils could make lovely presents of potted plants for their mums for Mothers' Day.  These photographs show the children potting their flowers.

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Tue, 12/03/2013 (All day)

Doddi celebrates World Book Day

We all enjoyed stories on World Book day. Thanks to parents and staff who brought in favourite books to read, we were all able to go and listen to a story at the end of Thursday. This was followed by a book swap and a bun bake. What could be better - delicious cakes and good books to read!

Mon, 11/03/2013 (All day)

Doddi Drums

For the last two weeks we have been joined by Mr Wilkinson from Teign School, who came up and taught all the children how to use the African drums.

Mon, 11/03/2013 (All day)
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