This Week's Newsletter, October 19th 2012

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Fri, 19/10/2012 (All day)

Halloween Party Details

The School Council are organising a Halloween Party for the afternoon of Friday, 26th October.  Please click on the link below to see the party details and what your child will need to bring in on the day.

Tue, 16/10/2012 (All day)

Off By Heart Poetry Competition

The Off By Heart Poetry Competition will be taking place in the school hall on Thursday evening.  Please click on the link below to have a look at the parent's information letter about the event, including the judging criteria!

Tue, 16/10/2012 (All day)

Intra-School Competition, Autumn Term 2012

Every child at school has taken part in the Intra-School Competition which, for this term, involves seeing how many times a ball can be bounced off the wall of Class 1 and caught in a time of 20 seconds.  The best results in each class are as follows:  Class 1 - Archie S. with a score of 9, Class 2 - Anna with a score of 21 and Class 3 - Toby with a score of 24.  Well done to everyone for their throwing and catching skills!

DSCF0978 (Custom)
Tue, 16/10/2012 (All day)

Year 4/5/6 visit to Abbrook Farm, Let's Get Mucky Event, October 2012

DSCF0944 (Custom)
DSCF0955 (Custom)
DSCF0971 (Custom)
Mon, 15/10/2012 (All day)

Poetry Assembly, October 2012

To inspire the children for the Off by Heart competition taking place next week, the teachers have been working hard with their classes to help them learn a class poem. Today we heard the fruits of their labours and the results were fabulous! Class 1 recited 'Five Little Senses in a Row' with lots of actions, Class 2 performed 'The Sssnake Hotel' with lots of spitting! and Class 3 recited 'The Hyena' with lots of expression and gore! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performances.

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DSCN0762 (Custom)
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Thu, 11/10/2012 (All day)

Fun Fit Club

Inspired by the Olympics, Mrs. Cupper is running a Fun Fit Club for a number of the boys in Class 2. They work with her on three mornings, improving their physical skills in a fun and active way.

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Thu, 11/10/2012 (All day)

Tag Rugby Sessions, October 2012

The Key Stage 2 children have been very lucky this term to have Phillip Laws, a coach from Newton Abbot Rugby Club, come into Doddi to lead some tag-rugby sessions on a Friday morning.  They have got very muddy learning all about defensive and attacking lines and how to pass a ball correctly on our slippery field but it has been great fun!

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Sat, 06/10/2012 (All day)

Harvest Assembly, October 2012

We celebrated Harvest during an assembly where Mrs. Evans made pizzas out of all the different foods that we give thanks for at this time of year.  These were cooked and shared out at lunchtime!  Reverand Mayer also said a special harvest prayer during the assembly.  Afterwards, some children helped make flower decorations for the church for the village harvest service.

4.10.12 003
4.10.12 005
4.10.12 006
Sat, 06/10/2012 (All day)

Harvest at Embercombe

Class One visited Embercombe to support their learning about how the changes of the seasons affect our lives with a particular focus on Harvest.  The children had a fabulous day searching for and harvesting a range of ingredients for lunch, (a delicious vegetable soup), making an accompanying nettle cordial before finishing off with a ride on the tractor.  The cries of ‘”faster, faster” could be heard for some distance!  A great day was had by all!

tractor ride (Small)
pirate ship (Small)
mmmm...raspberries are delicious (Small)
Wed, 03/10/2012 (All day)
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