Welcome back to Pre-School

We hope you have all had a wonderful Summer holiday and are ready to go!

It is lovely to have our little ones back with us, we have some great things in store this term and look forward to lots of exploration and fun!

Here are just a few things it may be helpful to know.  Please feel free to speak to a member of staff if you require any further information.


Start Time

Please arrive at 9am prompt.  Please can we ask that once your child is signed in and settled that you leave the Pre-School room to allow for other children to be settled.


Please do not dress your child in their best clothes!  We like messy play, painting and having fun outside exploring the mud kitchen etc.  We wear aprons but sometimes still get messy.  Dress your child in suitable clothing and footwear for our changeable climate!  Sun hats and suncream please for sunny days, rain coats and wellies, hats and scarves.  This enables us to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.  

Please pack a change of clothing, we wear aprons but sometimes get wet and muddy, also for any accidents.  We do have some spares also.

Pack nappies and preferred wipes if required.

Snack Time

We provide a snack, it is an important time of the day and the children love to help prepare.  If your child has any allergies or special dietary requirements please speak to a member of staff.


Please label all items brought into Pre-School including: toys, books, hats, scarves, coats etc.

Pre-School Journal

The setting keeps a Pre-School journey for each child.  Staff work with parents to provide what each child needs for their progress and well being.  If your child has done something wonderful, please make a note and it can be added to their journal.

Telephone: 01647 253695

Email: preschool@doddi.devon.sch.uk